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The End of a Long-Running Saga of a Practicing Hindu immigrant trying to exist in the United Kingdom

The culmination of the correspondence and the completion of the 97th book in the Series under 'The Allurement of Reality: brings to an end at 4.00 pm this Thursday, the 26th of August 2023 a battle to survive for the author of these websites in the United Kingdom in which he has shrug off all forms of Defamation that was mounted on him:

It shows the truth of the fact that Hinduism in its highest degree of performance can overcome all kinds of hurdles no matter where the person lives on Earth.

That God Sri Krishna-Durga is Paramatman as the Self of any human being who delves into the workings of the mind has held the author firmly in his faith that he was destined to fight a battle for his reputation in the United Kingdom and it was fitting that the battle in victory for him came about on the day that India became a Republic (Jai Hind).

I am no longer concerned about openly voicing my dual nationality but without a Indian passport to add to my British passport and nationality and will in due course if fate does take me back to India in any way will reapply for Indian Overseas Citizen whilst staying in the United Kingdom until the State pension starts getting paid to me from August to add to my meagre occupational pension from the Civil Service that was converted to Teachers pension when the Natural Resources Institute was privatised to the University of Greenwich.

I am happy, free and liberated which is what I always dreampt of attaining, almost in ananda mode of living at the age of 66.

Shantanu Panigrahi

26 January 2023

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