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Divine Providence

Shantanu Panigrahi shared a memory.

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I am now a Vishista-advaiist not Brahmoadvaitist. A Vishista-advaitist reveres God but lives aloof from God focussing instead on à special kind of dharmayudha, namely to seek the truth, expose the truth and accommodate oneself ih the reality so-determined.

Advaita means being at one with reality in material and spiritual dimensions but it is a continuous process of immersing oneself in Brahma-Nature which is a dynamic system of impermanence. When perfected by losing all one’s attachments one reacts spontaneously, nonchalantly and unpremeditatedly to the imminent reality so is liberated.

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Shantanu Panigrahi

9 July 2020 ·

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In Brahmoadvaita that believes in pre-ordination and preorchestration union with Brahma submits to the philosophy of letting Providence decide one's fate because from guna transcendence completely to shed of all jivaatman's attachments finally one goes with the flow of events and incidents. If there is to be liberty on the horizon that is all well and good for it will take away all the human beings uncertainties in living that cause mental suffering. One has no aims and one accepts one's fate as pre-ordained so there is no one to blame for the ups and downs during one's life. It is just how it was all meant to be.

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