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Proselytising and Preaching in Dharma

In the final analysis of the destination that I have arrived at in my travel journey today at 1.30 pm 9 May 2022 (UK Time) it is true what I have written about karma in Sanatan Dharma of which dharmayudha is an intrinsic component. This is the eternal law of the universe for me. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita. If one protects dharma then dhsrma will protect the person as well as his or karma. Others can make their own judgments.

Proselytising and Preaching is adharma. But I will keep my websites open for as long as I can for my 52 books refer to specific blogposts that these contain and the readers of the books who spend money in purchasing them are entitled to consult these websites if they need to.

I shall not be writing anything more in my websites after 5.00 pm today that the Judicial authorites of the United Kingdom have been set by me for the final outcome of all my legal and medical proceedings over the last 24 years.

Accordingly, I wii update my final book entitled 'Litigation is the best form of defence' at 6.00 pm today.

These 52 books will therefore never again be uploaded in 'internet archive' or in my websites for that would amount to preaching and they have served the purpose of my dharmayudha from all previous uploads so now are redundant for the purpose for which these acts were done.

Should any reader of the books have any questions, Ì will only answer them by email correspondence sent to quoting the book title, page number and stating theirte queries.

6.46 pm update:

On second thoughts, the availability of my works for the general public in my Gloabal Foundation website is dharma for the present generation who cannot afford to purchase the books so can download what interests them and this also applies to "internet archive' for future generations. So I will now go through and upload these again and see what the Law Enforcement authorities have to say.

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