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Nothingness, Illusion, Maya

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

I am valueless idiot who did not do anything in life after throwing away a lucrative career at the University of Greenwich in 1998 and spending the next 25 years seeking justice that was in all likelihood on reflection ill-conceived for in the United Kingdom the findings of a disciplinary hearing if not attended, and then the employment tribunal not attended was indicative of the fact that I was a truth-seeker. I could not hold on to any other jobs that I worked in over the next 25 years for I always got drawn into truth-seeking continuously even when I was incarcerated in a mental hospital on two occasions of 2004 and 2008, and when litigating against Kent Police and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom with a private prosecution as well.

So I was and am a valueless nincompoop, I have realised who found the final truth of Hinduism of Maya/Illusion, otherwise referred to as Nothingness philosophy.

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