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Dictatorial Monarchy and Political Prisoner

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

This Saturday evening on the 23rd of April 2022 the final proof unfolded for the consideration of Social Scientists that the United Kingdom is currently ruled by a dictatorial monarch who has absolute power to give whoever she takes a dislike to a criminal record and throw such people in the trash bin as mentally ill and subnormal. The so-called courts of law have no independent authority to overrule her for there is no rule of law separately srrived at in the country. The Parliament is therefore just the State's administrative apparatus for the Queen's Speech. The Members of Parliament are all career politicians with salaries to preserve through Party loyalties. The system in operation is highly corrupt.

Being an idealist I fell from riches to rags and lost a lot of money in futile legal proceedings over a 24 year period and spent two spells of time sectioned by the State in mental hospitals and remained under enforced semi-detention in the Community on antipsychotic, anti depressant and mood stabilising medications as a political prisoner of the Queen. There have also been extreme terroristic attempts to boot me out of the country and making me stateless. Numerous times the State tried to get me charged for abuse of the process of court and contempt of court and worse in that I was deliberately framed on alleged harassment and stalking to get me put away in prison after an arrest and being held in police custody for 5 hours recently. I was also thrown out of several jobs. All because my political views stemmed from a Hindu religious framework.

I no longer care for material justice knowing that this State would never fathom my conscientios compulsions and am prepared mentally for the worst outcome when Kent Police finally makes its move on me in obeying slavishly the Order of the Queen for me calling her the wicked green witch Monarch and issuing dethronment proceedings on her at Medway County Court and impeachment proceedings on her in Parliament for the unjust way she dealt with my petitions to intervene. I have not had a judgment on either of these two representation still. And it is significant that the Electoral Commission has not replied to the Constituion of my political party 'The Conservative Libertarisn Party of the United Kingdom' that on this experience the monarch of the day should have to subject himself or herself to a vote of the electorate every 15 years to determine if they should remain in power as Head of State because of the dangers of senile decay creeping into them leading to loss of the ability to judge on vital issues of the State.

I am a conscientious objector of such a dictatorial monarchy but would like a Royal family from which the monarchs emerge so that the Head of State is apolitical and cultural traditions of society are maintained in an adaptable and evolutionary fashion. This monarch is well past her sell-by date quite evidently.

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