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A New Horizon awaits Me

On this Sunday, I as Swami Shantananda is embarking on a new path given that I am 65 years old and 2 months and am living still.

All the human conflicts require us to consider carefully the causes of war and the way to regulate human conduct in a manner that nationalistic and fascist elements are removed and harmony across the world is attained.

We need to consider why human beings who are capable of such a high degree of peaceful existence as we see in many cultures such as Buddhism, Jainism, Bishnoi cannot learn lessons and assess their reasons for living given that these have survived alongside States for over 3 thousand years.

We are individually brought up to false notions of what is the purpose of life, because no one has determined what the Creator had in mind in the ascent of man through the evolution of the species from its origins billions of years ago. Most human beings do note even consider that some kind of Creator exists who has left life forms with free wills to determine how they should live on this planet Earth.

Of those who do accept that there is a Creator God, they are bogged down to their scriptures and rely on past assessments of what the Commandments were from a God in terms of moralities and dharma of duties and responsibilities which are tied into the cultures and traditions of localised communities.

A broader view is never taken that regardless of the colour of the skin or the language that people use to communicate with each other in the development of cultural States that generate nationalism and others promote this nationalism to preserve their way of life. Only lip service is paid to high ideals of democracy and in particular libertarian democracy.

Man destroys what has been so carefully assembled as we see in different parts of Europe and the Middle East.

So what can be done about human conflicts is the essential question. How can peace be attained globally so as to preserve the planet that is our common homeland, the homeland of humanity, the Nature that sustains all of us.

We need discussions and conversations, not shove all the issues and problems under the carpet and let different world leaders fuel the fire burning by their ego-base materialism seeking a legacy, fame, fortune, and power.

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