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Yogashastra in Vishista-advaita

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Life goes on in Brahma- Nature and personal sagas go on. Vishista-advaita is nothing very special: it is a way of living in liberation that works.

There is gyan-yoga, for the attainment of knowledge and wisdom, the best way of acquiring it being satya-advaita yoga or oneness with truth as a life-time preoccupation. There is karma yoga, the dedication to work, there is bhakti yoga of love and devotional surrender to God which can have its ups and downs as one ages but never forgotten. There is dharma-yoga of duties and responsibilities which are different to a sadhu or acharya in a ashram to that of a householder with a family to support. And there is hatha-yoga for physical fitness. It all depends on the individual as to what balance of these yogas he adopts, whatever makes his boat float.

For a Visihsta-advaitist all forms of yoga are complementary and undertaken side-by-side depending on one's daily and momentary circumstances. Hatha yoga is age-limited, gyan-yoga has a limit when all knowledge is known and karma yoga is a life-time activity, as is dharma-yoga. In dharma-yoga, the worldly affairs takes the type of dharma of dharmayudha, the struggle for truth and justice in the material world, whereas when one is in the state of Brahman as ones Self, one is in paramarthika dharma of truth-accommodation which means being in union with everything around oneself, humans, animals, plants and inanimate objects.

The reason that there are ups and downs in bhakti yoga when one is a Vishista-advaitin or getting there is that in vyvaharika where the body and mind intellectually acts in dharmyudha God is intensively involed in the decision making process; but if one is seeking knowledge and liberation one gradually leaves one's mind slowly and steadily and with it God as one finds oneself in paramarthika dimension to existence with all attachments dropped and becomes the Self (Brahman) with full awareness for instantaneous and spontaneous decision-making to perfect results. One is then fully Self-sufficiente and bhakti disappears as an impediment to awareness.

In Vyvaharika karma yoga blends with bhakti-yoga in what the author termed as karma in sanatan dharma which takes the form of dharmayudha to conserve, preserve and establish truth and justice. In Paramarthika there is karma in paramarthika dharma of truth-accommodation only: not disturbing the peace of the universe in any way, shape or form so having no objectives. This means that as Brahman I do not exist as my lower mindful self so do not defend myself having no ego left: I take what is coming to me. For that one must set the record straight if truth is being undermined.

God woke me up this morning 29 August 2022 with a 6.01 am (=7) sighting hat I had unfinished work, so in bhakti again I sent an email to the Court of Appeal and the Government Legal Department to start the day with. His/her prompt only means that every act received must have an appropriate reaction in dharmayoga of truth accommodation in the Self (Brahman) dimension of existence.

So the lesson is that if God does not wake you up do not perform dharmayudha of sanatan dharma: be your Self (Brahman) by losing all your attachments and perform the dharmayoga of 'oneness' with Reality.

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