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Truth persists

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

I finally settled for Satyamev Jayate that truth persists, that truth prevails. I established 'Shantanu Panigrahi's Foundation for World Development' as the new climate for mankind this evening confident that I can satisfactorily address any questions relating to my website and book contents, a dream of 12 years that has finally come true.

Accordingly, I am certain that I had an encounter with a benevolent God who sparked me with awakenings to set me on a spiritual journey to explore Reality and discover many hitherto hidden secret codes of the universe.

From His point of view He has attained His objectives by eradicating ignorance in mankind by planting me here in the most highly developed country of the world in the United Kingdom to get me to write factual data on the universe.

I am not an activist, never have been one, so through God throwing me down at the deep end of troubled waters of the struggle to survive I had to learn to swim and today I found the shore of safety.

Dharma was never consciously practiced by me but I wished to do good work as a natural instinct of mine. I did not even know what dharma was apart from acquiring the financial security to keep my family ticking over. If that is the extent of sanatan dharma on the basis of a matrimonial vow in the sight of God I have succeeded in holding my family together amid a terrible struggle to fight and safeguard my reputation in the society of the United Kingdom and beyond by displaying my loyalty to the State in spite of the 25 year old campaign of defamatory persecution by the State authorities on me for their own reasons.

So dharma rakshati rakshita is true and truth also prevails.

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