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Truth and God

For all intents and purposes, there is no Personal God: we mistake truth for a Personal God. The only reason that truth prevails is that true evidence defeats falsehoods in a court of natural law. As such in these circumstances truth is

Creator-godly and the ideal existence with honesty being the best policy.

However, we do not live in an ideal world where there is natural law prevailing within a State, so truth may not prevail at all in such an environment. Twenty-five years of struggle in the justice and law enforcement systems of the United Kingdom has taught me that: so, in such a State one has to struggle to survive using cunning and tactics to fight the system that oppresses a naturalist, such as an advaitist, and a satya-advaitist more to the point. One cannot dwell on the adage of Satyameva Jayate that Truth always wins. There is no choice but to fight a dharmayudha towards a natural way of living.

There is only Brahman consisting of Brahma-Nature with its rajasic, tamasic and sattvic gunas that go to make up the wilderness jungle that we all have to live in. A vishista-advaitist fights a dharmayudha incessantly. God lies dormant in his psyche if He exists as a Personal God at all and so for all intents and purposes is non-existent. The Creator is another thing. It created Brahman with its Brahma-Nature. The Supreme Almighty Creator is Sri Krishna-Durga who can descend into Brahma-Nature and awaken a seeker of the truth and having showed him/ what life is all about return to dormancy.

So today I live as a Vishista-advaitist striving for natural law and fighting to stave off dangers to my security by the tamasic humanimals of the satan-evil States of United Kingdom and United States engaged in their geopolitics. I have a strategy to enable me to survive and survive to prosperity. I am working on it still, but carefully and methodically knowing what the dangers that I face are, and knowing what will hurt my enemies the most so targeting my approach to living.

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