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Time is immaterial

Going into the past of even a moment ago raises fears and uncertainties of the future in that you are attached to something that you have been doing when the act of doing is finished. Self does not recognise time because there are no objectives. One in Self just does what comrs naturally and freely to be done without thought as to it's meaning or effects because there are no missions at all in Self being beyond the body and mind.

So time is a construct of the mind. Ego generates the mind, so that loss of ego means there is mind. Then ones true nature is apparent as 'I am'. This is the universal Self, and is the meaning of being connected to everything. For those who have not experienced God or gods they call themselves advaitists for as Self they are in total union with the universe (Brahman); Vishista-advaitists are those who believe that God and/or gods exist.

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