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Yes Freedom to manoeuvre, to avoid pitfalls, to make progress, to navigate Brahma Nature to stay alive in relative peace and comfort, to exercise ones will, etc. It is all about Freedom.

2 years ago

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Shantanu Panigrahi

18 June 2020 ·

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Freedom or liberation is such a wonderful feeling: it comes from total detachment from material and spiritual concerns, worries and associated stresses, for which one needs to have no ambitions, aims, targets and beliefs, by just go with the flow of incidents and events and accommodating oneself within one's realities. This feeling of freedom of the mind into freethought and expression generates what It is termed moksha in Hinduism, for which one needs to spend time and experience life and Nature and learn to train one's mind to taking the correct actions to adjust oneself to what is in store for one's living conditions. Freedom gives peace of mind for one then becomes oblivious to what happens and is totally spontaneous and unrepentant over ones actions as if one has been doing just the natural thing for living within Nature. Freedom is attained through the idea that nothing can beat truth-search and truth-expression as long as one takes the steps to accommodate oneself within that truth-based reality.

Yes, I have realised now how to live.

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