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The Religion of Vishista-advaita

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Dharmayudha: attack or defend; always defend never attack; but one has to know the peaceful means of defending with ahimsa as paramarthika dharma.

This morning, upon review of spirituality, Satya-advaita yoga is an integral aspect of Vishista-advaita Vedanta as is dharmayudha.

Noone can pin down to trap a Vishista-advaitin hard as they try because dharmayudha has been perfected by the satya-advaita yoga of non-attachments.

In Vishista-advaita there is the yoga of satya-advaita or oneness with truth in the imminent reality: God may come and go, one acts accordingly to such momentary perceptions.

Vishista-advaita does away with conceptualisations to seek truth without aims, desires, ego, wishes and hopes, so that the mind is always free of stress, delusions and fear and very importantly is at peace and bliss when one is feeling satisfied that one's actions (karma) were perfectly executed and justified judging from the results.

Religion causes conflicts, unless one restricts oneself to Vishista-advaita and is the most peaceful religion of Earth that immerses one wiithin samsara (Creation) and still leads hto liberation (moksha) within one's lifetime.

I have described my version of what I have called Vishista-advaita after testing all other established religions and philosophies for householders with material responsibilities that one can adhere to as long as one lives, and not just a passing phase because it is based on concrete evidence of the existence of God and His/Her true nature.

I have explored Reality, stretching imt as far as possible facing terrible persecution, but remained calm enough to have survived because I am not ao attached to anything not is even to the God I know in Brsahman the universe and ultimate Reality that comprises Brahma- Nature to be in union with as ths brand of advaita non-duality.

A Vishista- advaitin can survive in liberty when living in the most horrendous of all Police States because his awareness is beyond compare as a satya-advaitic yogadaan (reward so to speak) from God.

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