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The Awareness of Reality

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

God exists as a Personal God for some. It cannot be indoctrinated as a belief. It is only when some hidden power in ones head awakens an individual that the person starts to wonder what is happening to him. This was the case with me 25 years ago when I ran into career difficulties in my scientific job at the Natural Resouces Institute of the University of Greenwich. Some visions and words I used spontneously in emails meant a religious phenomenon might be taking place in me.

1 September 2022 Update:

True awareness of reality comes when one is not aware that one is fully aware. This is tested through one's actions when they are spontaneous, nonchalant and unpremeditated because one has lost all one's mental attachments and has no anticipations, .expectations, strategies, tactics, objectives, wishes, plans desires, and ego-based analyses and calculations. This state is the Self (Brahman) the Ultimate Reality that is realised. The mind does not exist as one has transcended the material dimension into the spiritual dimension of Reality.

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