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Life in the Slow Lane

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

There comes a time when immersing oneself in Creation just fails to get one anywhere and one needs to be realistic that a person cannot continue to run about like a blue arse fly chasing dreams and buccaneerimg for opportunities for a better more wholesome life. One has to draw the line somwhere because one sees that one is banging ones head of idealism against a brick wall of resistance.

So this evening having written 60 books of my autobiographical search for the most eminent philosophical account of the Conception of Reality znd acquirimg no followers i said to myself that enough is enough. It is time to slow down and move to life in the slowest lane possible. I have accordngly started a hassle-free existence of minimising contacts and engagements.

I simply must not call this a spiritual state of mind as mukti but it does represent the end of suffering.The goal of seekng the meaning of life, to seek a God and to generate knowledge for world conservation were cleary delusional desires for communicates with me.

The more you think the more you suffer. The more you interact the more there is conflict because ignorance is the norm. You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink it.

It is therefore best to keep ones knowledge to oneself. These websites served different purposes for my personal development as well as to expose myself to humaniy for any lessons they may hold to assist people with.

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