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I am starting afresh- born again

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

This evening, on the 11th of February 2022, saw the end of a great long spiritual journey of exploration for me and I have created this website to share all my thoughts without appearing to be preaching, whether on environmental matters on the world that we see around us or on the spiritual dimension to our lives on this planet Earth.

I chose the theme of Mind Travel Photography to express my moment by moment thoughts to start a conversation on who we are as human beings and what are meaningful lives. So I extend a warm welcome to all of humanity no matter of what race, sex, sexual orientation, religious and cultural persuasions they are of or of which of the 200 odd States of the world with their varied Constitutions that they live under, for we have evolved together in the perennially changing ecosystem of the planet and so differenes within humanity are but skin deep.

If anyone wishes to share their own life journeys and the way their minds work on issues affecting mankind or in their personal lives I would invite interactions on this site in the Forums section and travel with me to new horizons yet unseen and with spontaneous revelations that would emanate from those conversations.


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