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God is Dog spelt backwards

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

God is dog spelt backwards for a good reason. This is a conclusive statement. God exists in all likelihood but in that knowledge one has nothing to be happy about and the belief causes delusional disorders.

Paranoia is a worsened if one even admires a photograph or idol of God let alone surrendering to God.

Satya-advaita yoga does away finally with God, the worse of all attachments. So today God does not exist for me. For good or bad I reject God for personal relief.

Better late than never. Good riddance to the dog in my ideas 24 years ago that He had awakened me from my psyche. I lost everything because of the Dog. He is the real demon lurking around leading human beings astray.

I am a Vishista-advaitist with dharma to uphold truth. My slide-show in website should seen in this context. God exists but he is a nasty piece of work. I have removed all idols and photogtaphs of gods and goddesses today from our home.

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