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Fed up with geopolitics?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

As I try and get to grips with my new job at BP Lenham at the age of 65, and I feel very fortunate that this company has given me this opportunity to prove to the world that I can not just hold on the job at my age and mental issues and thereby earn an income for the family and in so doing serve the country of the United Kingdom that I love, I have to say that I am sick to the back teeth with observing geopolitics and accordingly have stopped commenting on what goes on in the world. So all I would do from now on is stick to the work until it lasts and avoid controversial subjects. Commenting just makes the situations worse and commentaries are frowned upon as upsetting the apple-cart of some interest group or another. Is this attitude sustainable? No it is not. For humanitarian issues and human suffering is not something that a person can stay a bystander and not try and change things for the better. This is why I followed up the invitation of to incorporate Support for Ukraine badges in four of my websites this morning. It is Dharma to do so. We must put the pressure on Vladamir Putin to abandon his megalomaniacal expansionist policy to recover the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as having been consigned to the dustbin of history. This era in humanity is all about extablishing libertarian democracy across the world for a peaceful means of dealing with human needs and conflicts arising from nationalism and associated differnces between differnt groups in the world. That is what the Conservative Libertarian Society stands for. The Foundation will continue to narrate what goes on in the world and the activism of the author will take place through this society in its publications from 'The Conservative Libertarian Publications Limited.

I used to write extensively on all issues but did not manage to secure an audience let alone followers so have been simply whistling in the dark. I set high ideals on Conservation and Preservation to harmonise in Nature but it all came to nothing such was the geopolitics involved. There is utter destruction of built-up infrastructure in the war in Ukraine so my voice of ahimsa (non-violence) fell on deaf years. This was the last straw and it led me to stopping my routine of watching the news as avidly as I used to now to leave humanity be what it will.

It proves to me that my religion of Vishistaadvaita is highly personal to me based on a personal experience of Reality and it can neither be duplicated nor proselytised. Even explicitly talking about it is counter-productive as a means of attracting attention to my story. But I must continue with the struggle to bring the religion to world attention as it forms the backdrop of The Conservative Libertarian Society's ethos and principles.

This is turning a new leaf. I am in my own Vishistaadvaita ashram taking care of my needs in the dark economic clouds ahead in all kinds of ways and surviving in the best manner possible only. I am a one-man band, but am determined to put my knowledge and experience for the benefit of the entire world from today, now that all legal proceedings for or against me have been disposed off nationally and internationally.

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