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Do not think: be aware

Do not think; thinking generates delusions and hence suffering. Stay still in awareness and let the future unfold. Then only you act wisely.


06.19 am (UK-Time) 30 January 2023

Reality changes one moment to the next, so the only way to sharpen one’s mind to know what is going on moment by moment is to develop the faculty to be able to fathom the imminent reality. And it is possible to do so. By losing all one’s attachments and beliefs including belief in a Personal God, and having no objectives, plans, aims, wishes, hopes, expectations, anticipations, desires and the total relinquishment of ego, the mind is clear and still without thoughts polluting it. For polluting it is, worries, uncertainties, anxieties, paranoia, depression, are all symptoms of that pollution of the mind.

The clearest truth emerges when one is totally free of such bondages and one is liberated. This truth leads one to actions that are failsafe in terms of Self-preservation because it is harmonious with the Reality of Nature. Harmonious means fitting in, truth-accommodating: as the holistic approach to living.

Let the truth-path navigate you to your destiny, for the greatest treasures lie ahead through this process of living. One attains joy for which the Hindu word is ananda. One is free.

Awareness of the imminent Reality is the end-product of satya-advaita yoga when no thoughts arise for truth-seeking; That is all that a person needs to get on with his or her life.

Reading scriptures or following ancient gurus no longer alive to answer on what they reportedly taught cannot replace 'satya-advaita' yogic quest for knowledge.

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