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Beyond Thinking and Consciousness

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

If consciousness is in the brain have you ever tried going beyond consciousness and see how well you react to situations that result in decions to act spontaneously? Do you think that if you stop using your brain to think, analyse, and calculate solutions to problems thereby losing your mind then you cannot survive by making the right decisions on actions? The evidence is that I have survived without a mind to think and the consciousness which cannot fathom the true nature of the imminent reality very well because this aspect of the mind is clogged with delusions: my mental faculty resides higher up beyond conciousness in the Self which is Brahman the ultimate Reality yielding perfect actions and reactions.

Thus God is within consciousness. Go beyond it to find the supreme truth of bliss that is the Self (Purusho) which is none other than Brahman.

Consciousness is a creation of the brain. It is an imagined creation, an illusion that we call mind. The mind is not a physical entity. It is just like one has dreams formed by neurones acting on memory cells in the brain. When we say that a person is conscious, we mean that the brain is still active making one breathe and making the heart pump blood. Shut off the conscious brain and you can still act impulsively at the spur of the moment reacting spontaneously very correctly to take the necessary survival decisions. You are then free and have no worries because you have no mind. The way to shut off consciousness is to lose each and every attachments. You are then the Self (purusho) which is none other than Brahman the true Reality.

Shantanu Panigrahi

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Brahman is the Reality as truth, so if you wipe out your consciousness by losing your mind of attachments you are the Self as Brahman the living truth.

Atman is the mental faculty that is devoid of all attachments. Such a person is the Self (purushouttama) and has become synonymous with Brahman itself: Thou art that.

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