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Renouncing the World

It is assumed that a Swami seeks spiritual union with the Self by renouncing the world.

I am not that kind of Swami. The world is my ashram. I engage with whoever and whatsoever that comes into my path. I value Creation as a tribute to our Creator who we call God.

Truth is sacrosanct to me. Every nook and cranny of Reality must be explored by all Vishista-advaitins through satya-advaita yoga.

Experience your thoughts in the waking state only and stay connected to learn about life and living in Brahma-Nature. Life is not a dream as Buddhists treat it to be. That is why they are escapists from Reality and seek the path to leave the samsara on such a false notion, forcing people to take vows to become Buddists.

Losing all ones attachments is not renouncing the world. It is necessary for yhe pursuit of truth which alone liberates one from suffering mental anxieties.

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