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Who is David and who is Goliath

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Human beings living to their sensual nature and associated mental faculties, always forming social communities and growing to enlarge their territories and trying to find natural resources to sustain themselves in their houses of shelter. Wars erupt as a natural consequence of this phenomenon when cultures clash in ideologies pursued by different groups encroaching into each others territories.

Individually too, people have the tendency to grow through family development and expansion of the same. Similarly political parties come about when like-minded people form associations and try to expand to strengthen their particular house of shelter. In business it is the same thing: economic growth and empire building go hand in hand. When a new culture comes along as an immigrant the host culture says that this place is not big enough for the two of us, especially when the immigrant culture is superior in ideology and is not tolerated by the host culture as being alien and getting too big for their boots. The are then incarcerated in mental hospitals or prison on trumped up charges or are booted out of the country.

What life do spiritualists have? They form no friendships and seek an imagined God to guide them so live in poverty in terms of knowledge and physical comfort. Whether or not God exists as a Personal God there is no material benefit from surrendering to such an entity for we are biological creatures and fighting the biological instinct is counter productive because it leads to weakness. One should be natural and push oneself to the limit of one's potentials to try and be the best person that one is endowed for genetically.

In other words human beings have always built their empires never satisfied with what they have so always wanting more.

So with finite resources of the natural environment of planet Earth there is stiff competition and the battle to survive individually and collectively is intense.

This is the background against which the question of who is the David and who is the Goliath needs to be assessed. For example, in the war between Ukraine and Russia it is assumed that the former is the David and Russia is the Goliath, but when considering the ambition of Volodomyr Zelensky is wishing to be part of NATO and the European Union to strengthen Ukraine into a uniform culture, it is Russia led by Vladamir Putin who is the David and NATO and European Union the Goliath.

Human beings wish to be Goliaths and not Davids. That is how the theory of evolution works. One needs to foster and reward the entrepreneurship that strives for supremacy to want to become the lord of the human and animal jungle. This means that one must have the survival instinct first and foremost before considering expansion of one's house of shelter.

It is said that todays king can easily become a pauper tomorrow. One can end up from riches to rags easily with the events in one's surroundings. Building an empire takes much longer as Rome was not born in a day. So one has to build a strong Foundation if one wishes to be a Goliath and not a David. This means taking one tiny step at a time and not biting off more than one can chew. One has always to have a strong defensive wall that can withstand enemy penetration and use ones weapons of warfare in a timely and targeted manner with patience when the enemy is restocking ammunition to launch an attack on one's house of shelter. And one has to keep the enemy guessing as to one's mission and ambition, and the tactics that one employs to get what one wishes to achieve.

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